Individual Drills
Individual Drills
Individual Drills
Individual Drills

Individual Drills

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Choose From Our Selection Of Drills

Choose from

  • 6mm Pilot
  • 8.5mm Tapered
  • 11.5mm Tapered
  • Bundle: All three with free shipping!


Please Use The Link Below To Upload Your File

Upload Your File Here (opens in a new window)

BlueSkyPlan or DICOM with .stl file

Once we have confirmed that we can create a guide from your data, we will email you screenshots so you can approve the setup.  At that time your card will be charged and your guide will be fabricated and shipped within 4 business days via USPS Priority Mail.

We strongly encourage you to download BlueSky Plan (for free) so you can import your DICOM and .stl file(s) if possible.  This allows you to upload just one file to our website. We will make sure the files are all merged within the software and position the implant(s) for the most optimal restorative outcome.  We will maintain a minimum of 2mm from anatomic landmarks unless you approve the set-up otherwise.

- Includes Free Shipping - 


Licensed clinician has agreed to review the plan, any and all related data for the procedure and assumes full responsibility for the procedure and results.  Premier Dental 3-D Lab has no medical or dental license, we are assisting with the technical aspect of generating the digital 3-dimensional model or data of a surgical guide based on the instructions and treatment plan of a licensed clinician.  Licensed clinician is responsible for inspection prior to surgery, use of the surgical guide and all data provided to Premier Dental 3-D Lab by the Licensed clinician and/or Licensed clinician’s representative.

** Treatment Planning - Once design has started, design fee will be charged, even if order is canceled for any reason.